Door to My Art

The Nampa Art Collective hosts the annual Door to My Art art event as a two part fundraiser benefitting the Nampa Habitat for Humanity. Working together the Habitat for Humanity ReStore donates doors to be up-cycled as canvases for the artists of the Nampa Art Collective to paint. The first event features live painting on the doors and the second event is a showcase of finished door paintings ready for auction with proceeds benefitting Habitat for Humanity.

The Door to My Art project gives artists an opportunity to stretch their artistic muscles by creating a finished piece of art work to end the summer season.

This event also offers artists the opportunity to connect with art collectors. Artists Leslie Jay Bosch and Amy Story Larson both connected with collectors Walt & Myrna Sterling of Parma at the 2016 Door to My Art Auction. The Sterlings purchased the door paintings by both artists.

Sunflower Door by Leslie Jay Bosch (center right) with Walt (left) and Myrna Sterling (far right)
Rooster Door by Amy Story Larson