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Over the past 30 years I’ve worked extensively in ink and watercolor, including travel sketchbooks made all over the world; oil paintings; monotypes; generously scaled plein air acrylic paintings; a series of large abstracts, and most recently, digital works created from a capricious mix of technology—landscape painting for the 21st century.

A body of work titled The Bertha Series marked my first venture into working abstractly. This group of acrylic paintings is based on childhood memories of my adopted German grandmother’s house, and offers a playful structure for exploration of the physical act of painting and the pleasure of working with a limited palette. Simplifying the content, materials and color palette unexpectedly expanded the possibilities in an irresistible way.

I enjoy working on a larger scale which can hold its own in a large space. The size of these paintings has been likened to a door, rather than a window—creating fluid structures that you can visually step into and experience in a more physical manner. My newer landscape paintings bring me full circle, but add the thrill and risk of working large scale on location. I look forward to making some large paintings of landscapes in Idaho and other areas in my new neighborhood, the Pacific Northwest.

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Vice-president / Secretary

I was named after the city I was born in, San Antonio, where the “stars at night are big and bright”. I have been making art since the white walls were at the mercy of my crayons and I remember that despite being disciplined for it, my dad seemed disappointed when the cluster of butterflies I drew next to the doorway was scrubbed away.

The medium I always return to is photography. Photography is a relatively new medium that has only been around for 200 years and it has only been in recent history that it has been accepted as an art form. I like to push the limits of photography; for example, I am currently working with a Sumi-e form of art and applying it to a portrait of my father. Sumi-e is an Asian form of art whose primary goal is to capture the essence of the subject rather the representation. It is often used to create images of nature or landscapes. I am hoping to capture the “landscape” of my father’s weathered life through this technique.

One of the works I am proudest of is titled “Her s Tree”. It is a structure using materials relating to Korean Culture and re-purposed images of my mother. The work is about how a life living through war can shatter one’s sense of identity. I am also inspired by Theresa Hak Kyung Cha. Though she is well known for her poetry, she did not limit herself to one medium. Scholars who study her work are often at a loss on how to label her as an artist and she is considered to be influential to West Coast Conceptional art.

I like to invent, improve, and create. I like to learn new things, explore places less traveled, and be inspired by a good friend each day. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories. Each one is remembered and kept close to my heart. I make art because I feel it is in my blood, who I am, and what I am meant to do.




Brass polisher at Steampunk Impulses. AKA Shawn Furbisher

The name “Furbisher” comes from the olde English occupation “Forbisher” which was the guy who was responsible for shining up the metal on the armor, shields, and accessories of the king’s army.



Membership Chair

Leslie Jay Bosch Website

Leslie Jay Bosch Art Facebook Page

With a background in Fine Art and ten years of professional photography experience, Leslie Jay Bosch has a refined eye for composition and enjoys creating a narrative through still photography. Her point of view is that the beauty of any given subject can be revealed when viewed from the optimum angle.

A graduate from Art Center College of Design, Pasadena (B.F.A., in 2001), Leslie Jay’s focus in art school was on sculpture, environmental design and photography.

Her photography career began in 2001 with the summer after graduation spent working as a newborn portrait photographer. What followed was 5 years as in-house photographer for Jay Griffith Landscapes. In 2007 she launched her own business, Leslie Jay Bosch Photography with a focus on Real Estate Photography in Los Angeles.

In 2016 Leslie Jay made a big move both personally and professionally by relocating to the Boise, Idaho area. She is currently working as a freelance photographer in the Treasure Valley area with subjects ranging from architecture and landscape to portraits and wildlife. Commercial and private sector clients include real estate agents, architects, designers, families, and others.

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Founding member

Tony Rios Gallery

I was born at White Memorial Hospital in 1959 in Los Angeles, CA and I grew up watching my mother oil paint. I knew that was what I wanted to do. I started out working for a company called Wild West Designs doing architectural bronze work from 1994-96. Then I started my own company, Tierra Bronze, doing bronze work, custom made ceramic tile and single field tile. During this time I had the opportunity to work with award-winning designers and architects such as Naomi Leff, Robert A.M. Stern, and Paula Berg. My work can be seen across the United States from New Mexico to New York.

In 1999 I took a teaching position at the Utah Valley State College and instructed several courses such as drawing, figure drawing, watercolor and understanding materials.

Recently, I have come back to my first passion: drawing and painting. I don’t attempt to explain my work because I believe it can have more than one meaning. Art is subjective. I leave it to the viewer to go away with whatever the images mean to them. I very rarely have an agenda or wish to sway viewer to any opinion or belief of mine. I just hope that there is a reaction of some kind. So whether you hate the work, are inspired by it, or just laugh—please enjoy.

NAC Members

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Founding member

Medusa’s Dog Workshop

Greener Armoury

I create multi-media sculpture as well as other mediums.

You can find me in thrift stores, staring blankly at an object in my hand, imagining what else it could become. I enjoy taking reality down from the shelf, changing it one little bit, rotating it slightly, then putting it back and waiting to see if anyone has noticed.

I want to know everything. The more seemingly unrelated topics I absorb, the more I can extrapolate. From the ephemeral: “Why do humans have similarities?” to the mundane: “How does soldering work?”

I love archaeology. I hold something ancient and think, “A person made this. Who were they?”

I love anthropology.  People are the same throughout the world, throughout TIME.
What has become of the “Renaissance Man?” Why aren’t we scientists AND artists anymore?

I love that science can answer some questions but ART can answer others. We have taken the big bad wolf and the dragon out of the woods. I want to put them back.

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